What is Progress Test?

Pearson Progress Test is a completely computer based online exam that fastly and objectively evaluates the English language proficiencies of students. It consists of 3 exams.

The exam makes the Global Scale of English (GSE) and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scorings according to the answers of students to the questions that are aimed at more than one skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar, and Vocabulary). Thanks to this evaluation, students’ levels of language are determined fast and in a correct way.

How is the exam applied?

Since the exam is applied online and computer based, students are provided usernames and passwords by Pearson. After logging in the system with the user credentials, students are expected to open the Progress card that they have bought, and they are expected to enter the access code to they system so that they can reach out to the exam page. Students starts the exam with the directions of the proctor and answer the questions in the given time period.

The scores of the students who complete the exam are calculated automatically right away.

Exam Duration

The duration of the applied Progress Test is 60 minutes.


GSE is a scaling system that evaluates the English language proficiency and progress of improvement numerically. It also gives learning outcome feedbacks in detail by involving CEFR scaling.

CEFR determines the English language level of a student in broad strokes. According to CEFR, we cannot know whether a student at A1 level is closer to A2 or A2+. On the other hand, GSE determines the English language level of a student most properly by detailing the assessment and evaluation scale of CEFR.

For more detailed information, please visit http://www.english.com/gse