You may get help from Active Learn: Login if you do know how to login on ActiveLearn platform.

  • My Home

You may change the theme of your home page from My Home section. On the ActiveLearn platform, as long as you read the books and complete the practices, you will earn golds which you may use on different activities.

You may see how much gold you have on My Home page.

  • My Stuff

You may access to the books and activities that are assigned to you by your educator on My Stuff page. You are able to see other books by using arrow buttons. If you see “Opened” below the books, this means that the book was read but the activities were not completed. You may click on the book again to complete the activities. In order to complete all of the activities, you need to make all bugs on the book sleep.

  • My Library

All of the books that you have read are kept in your private My Library section. You may access to the ones that you want to read again from this section.

  • My Rewards

You may use your golds, which were earned by reading books, on this section.