Score Keeper, defined to your institution by Pearson Turkey, is an account that you may have access to the Test Identification Number (TIN) for the Versant Exam, and it administers the management of the Versant Exam results.

You may follow the instructions below about the usage of the Score Keeper account.

What is Versant Score Keeper Account?

  • In order to login to the related account, you are expected to enter your username and password that are provided by Pearson Turkey to address.
  • You will see the screen below when you login to your account. As you may see in the screenshot below, you are able to control your account by using the options on the left hand side.

  • On your Versant Score Keeper account, you will mostly use “List Batches” icon. With the help of this icon, you may manage tests that you have ordered, you may keep track of how many of the tests were used, and you may view the test results.

What is Batch?

Batch is a cluster that contains the tests that are ordered as the same type in the same day. These clusters are enumerated, and those numbers are entitled as “Batch No”.

Batch: The Batch Number of the tests that are ordered as the same type in the same day.

Test Type: The Versant Test type.

Name: The Batch name that is assigned by Pearson Turkey.

Number of Tests: The number of tests in the Batch.

Used Tests: The number of used tests in the Batch.

Valid Period: The start and end dates of the tests.

Score Access: Prohibits the candidates to see their exam results. (If Locked is checked.)