In order to view your students’ activities and homework results on MyEnglishLab platform;

Login to your MyEnglishLab account through, and then, click on the Gradebook button from the menu.

  • Grades

1- From the menu on the left, you may view the course that you wish to by clicking on the Change Course button. You may filter grades as assignments, tests, and practices. To do so, make your choice from the Change view drop down list. When the gradebook is opened, general score of the course is viewed. If you wish to view the grades of a unit, a test or an activity, you may choose from the list on the left hand side.

2- You may download students’ grades to your computer as XML, Moodle, and Excel files so that you may integrate that data to other systems. In order to download the data, click on the button that you wish your data to be downloaded as.

3- You may view students’ information by clicking on the Student Management button.

4- You may download your students’ grades in the same course level as a whole by using Export Multiple Gradebooks button. Choose the level that you wish to download from Product list, and choose the relevant course from Courses list. You may choose which scores to be downloaded from Student scores to be exported menu. You may start the download process by clicking on the Export Gradebooks button.

  • Diagnostics

You may get reports that are assisted with graphs from this tab.

These reports include the following 5 titles:

  • Time / Unit
  • Time / Sub-section
  • Attemp / Score
  • Score / Skill
  • Score / Student

You may view reports by clicking one of those titles.