Courses may be shared between two or more teachers. To join another teacher’s course, ask the Course owner or program administrator for the Course ID. 

To join another teacher's course:

1- Click on the Settings tab.

2- Under Course Management, click on Join a Course.

3- Enter the Course ID.

4- Click on Join.

1-Choose the Data view in the Gradebook tab.

2-Change course to the one you wish to check the grades for. Note: By default, the system will display the course you have recently selected in the Course tab.

3-Change view to display a chosen type of activities.

4-Choose applicable Unit, Section or Activity. The gradebook will display grades just for the position chosen in the Table of Content.

5-The title of the Section/Activity will be displayed at the top of the Gradebook.

6-After selecting a particular activity in a section, you can preview it by clicking on the preview icon. This is a place where you can also assign activities, learn here how to do it.