In order to create your MyEnglishLab account, go to, and click the Create an Account button.

If you are creating a student account for yourself, choose Adult account. If you are creating an account for your kid or you student, choose Child account, and click the Get Started button.

Enter your personal information on the next page, and click the Create Account button. You will be forwarded to your personal Dashboard.

Note: Your username can only include lowercase letters, numbers, underscores [_], dashes [-], and dots [.].

Your password must be at least 8 characters long, and must include one number or special character and cannot contain blank spaces, your name, or your username.

To add a product to your account:

On your Dashboard, click the Add New Product button or link. Enter your access code to the box, and click the Activate button. To see the registered products, click the Go to Products button.

Note: If you use a device with a camera, you will see an additional option to activate a product with QR code.