MyEnglishLab courses are created by the managers or teachers of the institutions. You may get help from MyEnglishLab: Login if you do not know how to login on MyEnglishLab.

You may reach out to the courses that were created for you from Course menu. When you access to the Course page, one of the courses that you are entitled to will automatically opens. In order to access to the course that you wish, click on the drop down list at top-right corner and choose the course.

On this page, you may see the unit titles under the courses. You may see that there are small icons at the end of the unit titles. If those icons are strike through, this means that students cannot view those units.

If you would like to hide another unit or one of the subsections of a unit for student accounts, you may just click on the eye icon at the end of the line. There will be a text saying Hidden For Students next to the hidden content.

To be able to assign a unit or a practice to student group, click on the checkbox at the beginning of the line, and then, click on the Assign button above the units list.

On the next window, the first step is to choose the students from the list. If you would like to assign the homework to all of the students, you need to click on the Select All button. If you wish to assign this homework to the students who attend late to the course, you need to check the box that is saying “Students who join this course after the assignment is sent will receive this assignment.” Click on the Next Step button once you select the students.

On the second step, decide on the due date for the homework. On the last step, there are some options that you may wish to do about homework. For example, you may decide on after how many attempts the answer is shown, how many attempt rights the students have, etc.

Click on the Assignments button to view and track the assigned homework. On the Assignments page, you may view all of the assigned works on To Do List. You may see the reports by clicking on the Review Report buttons on the right hand side.