In order to create an account on MyEconLab, you may get help from MyEconLab: Register

You may see all of the courses that you are registered in on the MyCourses page. You may reach out to the courses by clicking on them.

  • Course Home

The page that shows up is the Course Home page of the MyLab platform. There is a menu on the left hand side of the page that allows you to navigate on the pages. On the right hand side of the page, the sections that you choose opens.

Note : The menu on the left hand side might change according to the product you use.

On the Course Home page, you may track the general progress of your course. Announcements, Assignments, Average Scores according to the activities done can be seen on this page.

  • Assisgnment

You may see all of the homework that is assigned to you on the Assignments page. You may reach out to the homework by clicking the 

Do Homework button, and you may reach out to the quizzes and tests by clicking the Take a Quiz/Test button. In addition to them, you may reach out to the quiz and test examples that are prepared by the system itself on this section.

  • Study Plan

On the Study Plan page, you may do personal learning practices. You may consolidate your knowledge about the subject by clicking the Practice button, you may professionalize on the subject by clicking the Quiz Me button. The system will provide you a path according to your correct and wrong answers as you do works on Study Plan. It will guide you by tracking your lack of knowledge.

  • Result

You may see the scores of all of the work done on the Results page.

  • eText

You may reach out to the e-text version of your book on Pearson eText page. In order to reach out to the eText, click the Complete Pearson eText button. The eText will be opened on a new tab. You may reach out to your books on mobile devices, and you may also use them offline. To do so, you need to download Pearson eText application from your store.

MyEconLab: Register and User Guide

For more detailed information, you can download MyEconLab registration and user guide.