You may find the directions below to create a student account on Island.

1- Go to , Your access code is inside of the access code card that comes with your book.

1. Scratch your access code card in order to reveal the access code, and enter it to the Access Code box.

2. Click the “New User” button after entering your access code.

3. You may log in by using this area if you already have an account.

1- Choose one of the male and female characters which is going to be your avatar.

2- Edit your character’s appearance and then click the arrow on the right.

1. Decide on your username which will be used to log in to the platform. You must not use Turkish alphabet characters and leave a blank on your username.

2. Set a password which contains at least 6 characters.

Note: Class ID will be shared with you by your teacher.

Click the Register button and complete your registration process.