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Pearson Online English: How to Create an account?
Pearson Online English'te erişim kodu kullanarak hesap oluşturma adımları gösterilmektedir.
Pearson Online English: Login Problem
If you face with errors about your password when logging in to Pearson Online English, you may follow the instructions below.  Your username should be shared with you by the institution.  In order to reset your password, you should click on the "Forgot password?" button on Pearson Online English. Then, you may r...
Pearson Online English: Join a Group Lesson
In order to attend to the group courses, you may make a book by clicking on the Group Classes button on the Live Instruction tab. Do not forget that you may make a book for 1 courses at most in a single time! We suggest you to make a book to a group class 24 hours before it starts. If you attend to the group classes on a c...
Pearson Online English: Join a Private Lesson
In order to join the private classes, you need to make a book by clicking on the Private Classes button on the Live Instruction button. You may see more instructor alternatives if you make your book 24 hours before the class starts. You are needed to make your cancellation of private classes bookings 24 hours before the cl...
Pearson Online English: Problems About Gradings
You may see your grades and your progress on the units from the options that are on the Performance menu. In order to find out how much time you have spent on the platform from your registration to the present, you may view the calendar from the Study Time section.
Pearson Online English: Account Extention
You may see the expiration date of your account on the main page of Pearson Online English platform.