You can find more details about creating accounts and enrolling in courses of  Poptropica English Island by following the steps below.


To create an account:

1- Go to:

2- Choose preferred language.

3-Clik on Create an account.

4- If you are creating a student account for yourself, select an Adult account [A].

Select a Child account [B] if you are creating the account for your child and then click on the Get Started button.

5- Enter your personal information and your account information and click on Create Account button.

Please note that a username can contain only lowercase letters, numbers, underscores [_] and dashes [-].

1-Once you are signed in, you will see your dashboard. Click on Add New Product button or add a new product link [A]

2- Enter your Access Code and click on Activate button. If you use a device with a camera, you will also see the option to add a product by scanning
the QR code [A].

3- Click Go to Products button.

This would allow your teacher to track your progress and provide feedback on your work. To join a teacher class:

1- Go to the Classes tab.

2- Click on Join Class button or join a class link.

3- Enter your teacher’s Class code.

4- Click on the Join button.

Poptropica English Island

You can download the Poptropica English Island user guide in English.